Through more than 7 years our laboratory division has expanded rapidly, we have recruited the best talent in each specialty and we are always cutting edge in the technology we handle and we have exceeded current limits by developing new techniques and software that allow us to deliver projects quickly, with care to detail and customized to your requirements.

Format Transformation

We specialize in DCP creation (Digital Cinema Package), in 2D and 3D, in 2k and 4k, always in top quality.

But we also handle all the commercial formats for TV, Streaming and other platforms.

Every process is improved in last generation technology, fast delivery and double quality control.

Audio and Video Edition

We handle final editing, repair, synchronization and all the changes required by the project, always in high format and meticulous care.

We handle competitive times and a system open to feedback that guarantees a satisfactory and unequaled final result.

Audio and Video Synchronization

We can resolve differences of format, speed, art, animation, subtitles, image quality and audio volumes in the source files.

With experts and advanced software tools we can achieve a final result with perfect synchrony.

Web Development

It is important that your company and product have a website that arrives in a clear and friendly way to the clients that you want.

We handle creation from scratch, repair of code or design and improvement in performance at search engines and advertising.

App Development

We manage App programming on all mobile platforms, desktop operating systems and video game consoles.

We can program any tool or game from scratch and we can also repair and improve any existing application.

Information Management

If you require space on servers for web hosting, backup of information or database we are the fastest solution, we manage competitive prices and personalized attention to your location, preferences in code and language.

We have the legal highs that positions us as the safest option for your company and we handle a personalized legal advice to guarantee the maximum security and discretion of your content.

We offer the translation service for 2D and 3D digital video from dialog lists or spotting list.


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