Being able to reach new consumers in a different language is a challenge that your company should not face alone. Arcade Media is here for your product to be known and consumed in the way you planed, without errors, without misunderstandings and without confusion.

Arcade Media has a team of experienced translators in Spanish, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and German, who currently live or have lived for many years in the countries of origin of each language. Ensuring that translations are structured in an understandable and friendly way for the local public and always with respect to the original meaning. We are the solution that your product requires to be assimilated quickly and friendly.

Text Translation

If you require translation of any document, book, journalistic note or other text. We have the right equipment to make a precise translation, with 3 phases of review and without limitations in technical terms of specialties such as technology and medicine.

If you require additional documentation to support the translation, we have the legal discharges to cover that need.

Localization in logos and Design

We have a design and translation team with international recognition for the translation of movie titles, video games and other products, respecting the original design and style.

Having location in logos and design creates a greater connection with the local consumer, it helps to remember it easier and make a viral impact easier.

Translation in code

We know and manage the main programming languages for the translation and integration of text in Web, App and Video Games.

Handling two or several language options in your brand and products extends the reach to new consumers significantly, it create a more friendly image and closer to them.

Subtitling of Movies and Series

We have years of experience synchronizing, creating and adapting formats in subtitling for movies and series.

We have experts in vocal expression that rescue with great fidelity the original message of the phrases, emotional moments and jokes that use wordplay, everything has translation.

Dubbing movies

We fully manage dubbing production from all languages into neutral Spanish (Latin American), guaranteeing a high quality in the final product and a competitive price.

From the most technical aspect, to selecting the right voice for each character, we work with the best talents to achieve an outstanding result.

Contact Us

You are interested in getting more information about one or more services mentioned above? please contact us through the form below or our mail: contacto@arcademedia.mx